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An Education in the Martial Sciences

The Universal Martial Sciences Federation (UMSF) is a martial arts Federation dedicated to the teaching and training of combat related martial arts for the development of realistic self defense skills, as well as boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, grappling arts, and mixed martial arts. The founder and chief instructor of the UMSF is Master Brad Murphy, who has trained extensively with some of the worlds foremost masters for over 44 years, and conducts seminars worldwide. Contact us now to host a Brad Murphy seminar.
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Intensive Programs

Group Classes - Private lessons - Seminars
With Master Brad Murphy in Kelowna B.C.

Master Brad Murphy's Practical Self Defense Training Centre
Jeet Kune Do - Filipino Martial Arts - MDT Combat Training Unlimited
African Martial Sciences - Kickboxing - Integrated Grappling Systems
Youth Jeet Kune Do - Women's Urban Defensive Tactics
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Brad Murphy Seminars

Brad Murphy established his seminars world wide in 1994 and continues to conduct seminars throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Cayman Islands, and Costa Rica.

2014/2015 Seminars

DateSeminar LocationTopic
Jan 18/19 2014Edmonton Alberta
Murphy Submission Fighting
Feb 22/23 2014Edmonton Alberta
MDT Combat Training Unlimited
Apr 26/27 2014Toronto Ontario
Murphy Submission Fighting
Jun 07/08 2014 Moncton New Brunswick CanadaJun Fan - Jeet Kune Do
Sep 27/28 2014 Kelowna British Columbia CanadaJun Fan - Jeet Kune Do / Filipino Martial Arts
Nov 22/23 2014 Kelowna British Columbia CanadaMDT Combat Training Unlimited
Jan 23 2015 Kelowna British Columbia CanadaCombat Knife Fighting
Jan 24/25 2015 Kelowna British Columbia CanadaJeet Kune Do /Scientific Street Fighting
Mar 20-22 2015 Kelowna British Columbia CanadaFilipino Martial Arts Training Camp
Apr 18-19 2015 Edmonton Alberta CanadaJun Fan Gung Fu-Jeet Kune Do/ Filipino Martial Arts

Technique of the Month

Murphy Submission Fighting: The Rolling Kneebar

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In The GYM

Fight of the Month

Brad Murphy fighter Steve Balisky 41 second UMC win

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Latest News


Brad Murphy's wrecking crew fight team continues to dominate. Travis Thomas, a rising star with "The Crew" dominated in his pro debut, winning with a first round submission win. Travis controlled the fight from beginning to end displaying his standup skills, takedowns, and ground skills showing why he has been aptly nicknamed "The Total Package."

The first round opened up with Travis setting up his opponent with good boxing skills and a strong front kick to his opponent's chest which sent his opponent back and into the cage. At this point his opponent rushed in for the clinch and attempted a throw but Travis controlled his base and took his opponent down and gained cross-body position and immediately got some good shots in to his opponent's head and face.

As his opponent worked an escape and got to his knees, Travis picked him up from this position and slammed him again. Once again his opponent worked an escape but as he managed to get to his feet travis forces him against the cage. This time Travis executed a perfect (kesi) throw, taking his opponent into a kesa-gatame position. Travis again worked strikes to his opponents head and set up a beautiful leg V arm lock submission, winning the fight at 2:01 of the first round.

  JANUARY 2010

UMSF head Sifu Murphy conducted a intensive 2 day seminar in Tamarindo, Costa Rica on January 9th and 10th 2010. The seminar was attended by Brazilion Jiu Jitsu practioners and instructors from Tamarindo, Liberia,and san murphy covered everything from conditioning drills,to takedowns, to positional training, to a wide array of submissions and counter submissions.

The seminar was a resounding success bringing together grappling enthusiests who previously were not connected, while exposing them to many new areas of grappling training and developtment. Organizer and host of the seminar Daniel Pato, head of the Tamarindo Brazilion Jiu Jitsu Club, was certified as the official Costa Rican UMSF representative for Murphy Submission Fighting at the conclusion of the seminar

  JANUARY 2010

Daniel Pato was recently made the newest international representative for the umsf.dani offers training in both Brazilion Jiu Jitsu and murphy submission fighting out of the tamarindo fitness centre (Tamarindo Brazilion Jiu Jitsu Club.) Dani is currently accepting new students for ongoing training and also invites drop-in students. So if you are in Tamarindo, be sure to check out a class. Dani is an articulate instructor as well as an active competitive fighter, with fights coming up in both San Hose and Tamarindo.

Universal Martial Sciences Federation
Suite 1159 5328 Calgary trail, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6M 4J8
Phone 780-995-UMSF (8673)

Master Brad Murphy's Practical Self Defense Training Centre
1338 - St. Paul Street, Kelowna, B.C.
Phone (778) 363 - UMSF (8673)

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