The fighting methods of the Philippines are considered by many to be some of the most deadly combat systems in the world. The Filipino martial arts offer a sophisticated weapon oriented training format which develops weapon capabilities, and awareness, combat effective empty hand vs. blade defenses, as well as ballistic empty hand combat skills through the utilization of joint and nerve destructions, trapping, elbows, knees, low line kicks, takedowns, lock ups and vicious ground fighting methods.


The weapon training within the Filipino martial arts develops the ability to fight in all ranges with the stick, sword, knife, and many other weapons. This gives you an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of various weapons, depending on their length and whether they are a blunt or an edged weapon. 

Through this very scientific weapon system we develop an understanding of the angles of attack with each weapon and develop the necessary coordination, mobility, body placement, distance control, and combative rhythm necessary when fighting weapon on weapon (stick vs. stick, double stick vs. double stick, knife vs. knife, double knife vs. double knife, double stick vs. single stick, stick vs. knife, sword and dagger vs. double stick, etc.)


Absolutely “no one” can be prepared to defend themselves against a weapon without the understanding of how that weapon works. This can only be accomplished through the study of a sophisticated weapon oriented martial art. 

Through developing an understanding and skill with the stick, double stick, knife, double knife, swords, and other weapons and logging in hours of fighting weapon on weapon, and empty hand against these weapons, there is a developed respect and understanding for each weapon and how it can be realistically defended against when you are without a weapon.

 Through empty hand vs. weapon you develop blade awareness, distance control, combative reactions, mobility, and the realistic counter measures necessary to survive and come out on top of a weapon attack. This training will also benefit your empty hand combat skill development


The Filipino arts, although well known for their weapon skills, also contain some of the most combat effective empty hand combat methods in the world. The empty hand combat methods of the Philippines consist of a very vicious approach to engaging in a conflict. This makes them extremely realistic and effective for modern day self defense. The combat methods of Pananjakman, Panantukin, Dumog, and Kun Tao utilize joint and nerve destructions, trapping, low line kicks, take downs, and lock ups, as well as punches, open hand strikes, and various grabbing procedures. Also utilized are various techniques for tearing and ripping at the eyes, nose, lips, throat, and groin. This gives men and women of all ages and body types effective self defense skills that really work rather than something that just gives them a false sense of security.

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