MDT (Murphy’s Defensive Tactics) is the ultimate in accelerated self defense capabilities. The MDT System (created by Master Brad Murphy) utilizes the most effective and combat proven fighting skills found throughout the world. Through the use of many of the combat skills found in Combat Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kun-Tao, Hawaiian Lua, Muay Thai, African RUAH, and Indonesian Silat the MDT training format covers all ranges of combat. This training includes the use of empty hand combat skills, weapon development, defense against weapons and defense against multiple attackers. Also covered are fire arm defensive tactics and disarming. There are three areas of the MDT System (Civilian Defensive Tactics, Security/Protection Officer Tactics and Military/Special Units Combat Training).


The MDT Civilian Self Defense System consists of a very aggressive and vicious approach to engaging in a physical conflict (whether it be defending yourself, defense of yourself and family or the defense in an attempted rape situation) The primary focus is to get the job done, and get it done quick. This is accomplished by developing brutally effective “Self Preservation” skills which do not take years to develop. Through this self defense training you will quickly develop the skills and tactics necessary to defend against any attacker, any size, with or without a weapon.


The MDT Security/Protection Officer Tactical Training System is formatted specifically around the needs of VIP protection officers, private security company units and Night Club security teams. This system teaches the officers in question all areas necessary in their line of duty including control techniques, gun retention, baton usage, low profile and high profile pat downs, the standing search, and handcuffing procedures from various positions. 

The MDT Security/Protection Officer Tactical Training System is based on tactics which will enable the officer to easily control and secure the individual without the infliction of extreme injury.

MDT (MILITARY/SPECIAL UNITS): The MDT Military Combat Training System has been taught to various military units including the First Royal Canadian Regiment. These military members have referred to the MDT System as “What real combat is all about” and “The best combat training we have ever received”. 

This format consists of hand to hand combat skills for all ranges of combat, knife tactics and defenses, knife grappling and gun retention and usage.
NOTE: Due to the nature of this training we will not go into a full disclosure and full explanation of this system at this time. Training in the MDT system is taught specifically in private lessons and in intensive personal training programs.  

MDT training