An Integrated Grappling (wrestling), and ground fighting system that consists of sensitivity training, throws, takedowns, lock ups, positioning, escapes, submissions, and the ability to strike, as well as bite and pinch pressure points and vulnerable areas from various positions. This system utilizes the grappling and ground fighting methods of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Russian Sambo, Shoot Wrestling, Filipino Dumog, Silat, Filipino Kun Tao, and Kino Mutai

If you want to do a grappling or a no holds barred tournament, this class will develop your ground skills for positions to submissions, and how to strike from grappling positions, as well as how to effectively take a striker to the ground and control him, and how to have a better understanding on how to strike effectively against a grappler, so as to escape a wrestling situation. 

It works fantastic if you happen to end up on the ground during a confrontation. By understanding the various grappling arts taught at UMSF, you will have a better perception of self defense and will be better prepared for a real confrontation.

This particular range is very important to understand if you end up on the ground with a larger or stronger opponent, size and strength is irrelevant due to the methods of training which are developed. This course is a favorite among Law Enforcement Personnel, Bodyguards, Correctional Officers, and Bouncers. As these methods give you the ability to control an out of hand opponent with minimal harm if any at all to that person . 

Whether you are doing no holds barred tournament fighting, submission grappling, or you want to be effective in a self defense situation, this training is a must.

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