An integrated grappling (wrestling) system that consists of gi and non gi training including grappling conditioning exercises and drills, throws, takedowns, positioning, controlling superior position, escapes, submission training, fight strategies and sparring. This system utilizes the grappling and submission fighting skills of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Sambo, Shoot wrestling, catch wrestling, Lutra Livre, various Filipino grappling systems, and Silat.

If you want to do grappling tournaments or to enhance your ground game for mixed martial arts, this class will develop your ground skills for clinching, throwing, position controls, how to flow from position to position smoothly and tightly, and how to set up your submissions, and counter submissions.

This class is also great for men and women of all ages who are searching for an activity that offers

  • a dynamic fitness development program
  • development in mental alertness, reaction time, body flexibility, body strength
  • learning how to deal with larger, stronger attackers
  • build the confidence needed for "close quarter" encounters
  • add a new dimension to your martial arts / self defense training

" Areas covered in a typical MSF group class "

  • Take downs and Throws
  • Counters and Reversals to Takedowns and throws
  • how to control position without the use of strength
  • how to flow and transition from position to position
  • prevention of each position
  • escape from each position
  • submissions from every position and understanding
    how to flow into alternate submission locks
  • submission counters
  • position escapes, counters, and reversals

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