The WSI combat system envelops the combat methods of ancient warrior systems. This martial development training encompasses the way these ancient warriors fought, from the vicious and brutal empty hand combat methods, to how they utilized various dinosaur weapons. The knowledge of the warriors of these civilizations is vast and encompasses the fighting methods of ancient Egypt, Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Hawaii.

Some of the fighting systems trained in the class will include ... Ruah, various silat systems, Filipino kun-Tao, kali, Escrima, Pananjakman, Panantukan, Dumog, Kino Mutai, and Lua

Some of the areas covered will include warrior grouping, salute, and a chant or "fire up" (a standing meditation used by ancient warriors before going into battle), training in striking bone breaking, ground combat and weapon use, and the use of Egyptian meditation to bring your mentality to a relaxed state after training of the combat method.